Cat Tuong Group

Cat Tuong - Phu Hung Complex - Scenic City

Info Project

Client: Cat Tuong Group Scope: Logo & Visual Identity Location: Vietnam Time: 2020

This is a project to redesign the brand identity Complex - scenic city Cat Tuong - Phu Hung of ​​Cat Tuong Group. The project owns a prime location in the heart of Dong Xoai city, Binh Phuoc province and is located in the southern key economic region. Based on the inherited foundation the old logo of the brand, combined with the inspiration from the design language in the architecture and decoration of the overall project of complex - scenic city Cat Tuong - Phu Hung, we have created a new symbol for Logo complex - scenic city Cat Tuong - Phu Hung, with a new, streamlined line that is easier to apply in the brand's identity system. The logo includes the meanings of the elements: Greenery - European Ornament - Brand name, combined with a customized Typeface with details associated with the symbol.