Ngoc Suong Saigon

Ngoc Suong Saigon Seafood Restaurant

Info Project

Client: Ngoc Suong Saigon Scope: Logo & Visual Identity Location: Vietnam Time: 2018
Since 1955, when the name Ngoc Suong was born and then became known with its renewed unique seafood dishes on the coast of Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa province, to 1990, when the first restaurant was established in Ho Chi Minh city, and through four generations of innovations, the food story of Ngoc Suong restaurant, over the last decades, has always been founded on the principles of river – mountain – sky – and the Vietnamese people. The infamous Ngoc Suong Fish Carpaccio implies the balanced life philosophy of the previous generations. The Foie gras cotton candy lets us have a taste of childhood memories. Then, the Dawn cocktail outlines the image of a sprout reaching for the sunshine, through layers of hard rocks. Every dish becomes a story without a defined ending; so anyone could continue and become the author of his or her own story.